What you don’t know about our best friend "Nike Air Force One" (NAF-1) !

How to spot Fake Nike Air Fore Shoe

 Story of Nike and Nike air force shoe.

After you know the story of Nike and Nike Air Force shoe we will help you to spot the Fake Nike Air Force with easy and simple method:

First of all, you should know that it’s so easy to know the fake Nike Air Force shoe; here at this site you will learn so much method that help you to spot the fake Nike Air Force Shoe and the truth Nike Air Force Shoe.

So let’s begin:

Ok there is two ways to know or spot the fake Nike Air Force shoe:

First way is from Nike Air Force 1 tread design:

in the shops you will see that this tread design become so popular ,and you can fined him at so much shoe who made by china.

The next pictures will help you so much:

Look deep at the design (specially the character a).

Truth Nike Air Force shoe

The design is so perfect and you can know from the first look at the tread that this shoe is from Nike.

Fake Nike Air Force shoe

The design is so bad especially at the stars, and you will feel like it’s a stupid design and its cant be from great company like Nike.

Second way is from the label information

I take this from yahoo answer, and it’s an answer from someone who worked at a Shoe Store.
He sad “The only way you can spot fake Nike Air Force Ones are all Nike made shoes have a date and bar-code on the side of the tongue where it shows the size.”

See this picture:

This how is look the label of the truth Nike Air Force Shoe.

Third way: Other information

1/ the box of Fake Nike Air Force Shoe

I take these pictures from a video in you tube :

2/ The box of Truth Nike Air Force Shoe

3/ Inspect the material on the shoe, Nike doesn’t use material from Burberry or Gucci in his Nike Air Force.

4/ most custom Nike Air Force One shoes offered online may be fake shoes that appear custom painted. Poor stitching or glue around the seams indicates a lack of authenticity.

Hope that this helps you and good luck.

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